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重新改寫奢華旅遊新定義-曼谷嘉佩樂酒店 Rewriting the define of luxury travel-Capella Bangkok

“什麼是奢華旅行的新未來?簡約主義,本地文化的體驗以及不擁擠安全的空間.”曼谷酒店品牌諮詢公司QUO的主管Laurel Tuohy表示,在Covid-19危機之後,重新定義未來菁英族群對奢華旅遊重新的認知.而確定將在2020年底開幕的曼谷嘉佩樂酒店(Capella Bangkok)正是這股新風潮的引領者.
Capella集團近來最受矚目的新聞是北韓領導人金正恩和美國總統川普會面的歷史高峰會,選在新加坡嘉佩樂酒店舉行,根據CNN Travel的分析,其中一個原因就是該酒店不但位於遺世獨立的聖淘沙島,同時殖民風格的莊園式氛圍,也讓它在眾多五星飯店環繞的新加坡脫穎而出.
而承襲同樣基因,被期待已久的曼谷嘉佩樂酒店,雖遇上疫情又再度延期至今年底開幕,危機卻似乎也是轉機,該酒店想要塑造的新奢華風格,似乎也符合後疫情時代的轉變.”我們雖是全新的城市度假村,卻與當地古老的社區文化歷史,維持著良好的關係.“嘉佩樂酒店亞太集團行政總裁 Nicholas Clayton表示.
面對著昭披耶河的景緻,擁有101間套房和別墅的Capella所在地位於老城區的石龍軍路(Charoen krung Road),是曼谷歷史最悠久的道路之一,一整排迷人美麗的街屋風格建築,蘊含歷史文化底蘊.而美食更不用說了,這邊隨便一間小店都有4.50年以上的歷史,其中更有多間餐廳都是超過70年以上的超級老店.曼谷嘉佩樂酒店總經理John Blanco認為,“Capella Culturist 團隊將圍繞著石龍軍社區美食、健康和文化的亮點,來打造原創和鼓舞人心的體驗,讓客人在入住期間通過,透過充滿活力的文化活動,來探索自己的內心。
無獨有偶,在曼谷擁有285間客房的Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel的開業時間已延遲到2020年第三季,酒店4000平方米的健康設施將成為主打,行銷總監表示,”在我們酒店,健康是每一位客人體驗的核心,這個差異化點對挑剔的旅行者來說非常重要。
The crisis(COVID-19) offers hotels themselves a luxury – the luxury of time to rethink themselves and refine essences and brand messages, said Laurel Tuohy, deputy content director at Bangkok-based hospitality brand consultation agency QUO,” in which themes of simplicity, radical localism and less crowding have emerged,” and Capella Bangkok will lead the luxury hotel trend as their opening in the end of 2020.

A 5-star resort sitting on the city-state’s Sentosa Island, Capella Singapore hit global headlines in 2018, when it was the luxuriously tropical setting for the historic summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump.

“Here in Asia, we have a limited number of flags that fly; under the Capella brand today we have Singapore,Shanghai,Sanya,and Ubud– and Bangkok which is on the Chao Phraya River, an extraordinary location.”said by Nicholas Clayton,CEO of Capell hotel group Asia.

According to the same DNA,Localisation is a strong theme at another long-awaited luxury opening: Capella Bangkok, situated in cultural hotspot Charoenkrung overlooking the Chao Phraya river. It is now slated for an end-of-year opening due to the coronavirus crisis. “By promising ‘Crafted Moments, Steeped in Tradition’, our new-age urban resort maintains a great connection with the local community,” said John Blanco, its general manager, of the hotel’s plans to draw luxury travellers.

“The hotel’s Capella Culturist team will assist to craft original and inspiring experiences around the neighbourhood’s highlights for food, wellness and culture, allowing guests to discover their inner selves with energising alfresco activities during their stay.”
“with the new luxury defined by authentic local experiences, integration of technology and wellbeing as core components of a hotel’s offer”,Laurel said.

Speaking of the hotel’s 4,000m² of wellness facilities and carefully designed health-centric programmes, she added: “At our hotel, well-being is at the heart of every guest experience. Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok is designed in every sense with comfort and well-being in mind. Health or wellness has taken centre stage and this allows us to enter an already crowded market with a point of differentiation that is relevant and important – more so now – to discerning travellers.

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