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全世界最好的奢華酒店之一:倫敦文華東方酒店海德公園 Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London


Located in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in the city—Hyde Park—the Mandarin Oriental in London is a fantastic place while explore this capital city. 
Just steps from Buckingham Palace and a stone’s throw from Kensington Palace, the Mandarin is a history lover’s dream. And after you have explored as much royal history as you can take, head down the street to the famous Harrods department store for some,high-end shopping until your heart is content.
兩年前,經過 1 億英鎊的修復,這位位於騎士橋的奢華酒店-文華東方又重返它的光芒與榮耀,現在更是以安排健康休閒的各種活動引起矚目.除了它的位置就在海德公園旁的地利之便,禮賓部還可以組織各種獨一無二的活動,從早上的南北騎行到玫瑰園做瑜伽,他們甚至可以在彼得潘的蛇形河上安排一次水上野餐.
two years ago after a £100m restoration. Now the apogee of leisure, its position famously commands fabulous proximity to Hyde Park – and the concierge can organise unique activities from morning hacks on the North and South Rides to yoga in the rose garden. They can even arrange a floating picnic on the Serpentine aboard Peter Pan.
酒店擁有 181 間客房和套房,均有精心挑選的裝飾藝術作品和訂製家具的時尚組合.但套房確實為豪華旅行者提供了一些特別的體驗。如果您正在尋找典型的英國體驗,那麼值得探索的是海德公園套房.
There are 181 guest rooms and suites, and they all have a stylish combination of curated art-deco pieces and custom furniture. But the suites really offer something special to the luxury traveler.However, the one to explore if you are looking for a quintessentially British experience is the Hyde Park Suite. These offer guests park views, a master bedroom, a spacious living rooms complete with a library! The luxe fabrics, warm tones and abundance of space makes these suites truly feel like a lavish pied-a-terre rather than a hotel room.
DINNER by Heston 是酒店的招牌餐廳,擁有 米其林2星頭銜,絕對值得細細品味.受歷史美食的啟發,主廚赫斯頓·布盧門索透過研究過去1000年為英國國王和王后提供的食物,構思了 DINNER 的概念.在菜單上,您會發現可追溯到中世紀的皇室菜餚.
DINNER by Heston is the property’s signature restaurant and with 2 Michelin Stars, it is certainly worth a visit. Inspired by historic gastronomy,Chef Heston Blumenthal conceived the concept for DINNER by researching what was served to the Kings and Queens of England over the last millennium. On the menu you will find dishes with heritage from as far back as the Middle Ages.
The Aubrey於年初在騎士橋文華東方酒店內開業,其優雅的日式菜單和炫目的地下室內裝飾已經引起了轟動.現在,這家高檔居酒屋正以早午餐菜單吸引週末人群
你會得到新鮮的愛爾蘭牡蠣、 精緻的生魚片、完美的小蘑菇餃子、脆脆的玉米以及雞肉烤雞肉串等等,然後是一些豐富的主菜:包括雞肉炸串,和牛三明治等.最後是一個裝滿有趣零食的甜點便當盒,以及添加頂級香檳或大吟釀清酒的選項.
The Aubrey, which opened at the beginning of the year beneath Knightsbridge’s Mandarin Oriental, was already causing a stir with its elegant Japanese menu and glitzy subterranean interiors.
Now, this upscale izakaya is luring a weekend crowd with brunch menu. You’ll get fresh oysters, delicate sashimi, perfect little mushroom gyoza, crispy baby corn, chicken yakitori and more for the table. Then there’s a pick of opulent mains.
The finale is a dessert bento box filled with intriguing treats, plus an option to add free-flowing champagne or sake.

倫敦文華東方酒店海德公園 Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London

地址: 66 Knightsbridge, London UK

電話: +44 20 7235 2000

入住時間為 15:00 後,退房時間為 12:00 前。


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