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世界最佳餐廳法國Mirazur重新開業-‘Lunar menu’by chef Mauro Colagreco

Mirazur,位於法國的米其林三星餐廳已宣布重新開業,在疫情過後,主廚Mauro Colagreco經過這幾個月的沉潛,決定推出“月之菜單”的新概念,藉由月亮的週期性變化,重新反思土地,食材與烹飪的相關聯性,建立更“當令即食”的料理.


由大自然的循環所啟發的靈感,chef Mauro設計了一套千變萬化的“月之菜單“這寓意餐廳的未來將經常適應和改變,譬如餐廳經典款的葡萄酒雖然還是維持在點單上,但有趣的新酒款未來也會呈現在顧客面前.

“我和我的團隊被叫做園丁的機率,大過廚師.”Mauro笑言,這幾個月團隊幾乎都待在餐廳山坡的花園中,而在這個他們戲稱為“小天堂”的空間中,種植了各式各樣的水果, ,蔬菜,鮮花和草藥,並擁有法國最古老的酪梨樹.



帶給主廚全新思考顧客在Mirazur的用餐體驗,致力於月球的週期性變化,和時間的季節的調整,Mirazur現在將推出的新餐單,定期更換的功能表將分為四個獨立的元素- 根,葉,花和水果,食材主要從Mirazur花園中挑選,營養最豐富,味道最濃郁與每天將製作新的菜肴是Mauro的堅持.此外,Mirazur將繼續使用當地海鮮,並支持當地的生產商和農民,繼續帶給饕客們最頂級難忘的體驗.

Mirazur, the three Michelin starred restaurant by Argentinian chef Mauro Colagreco, has reopened its doors. The past few years have been exceptional for Mirazur, achieving a plethora of awards and recognition for Mauro’s authentic, heartfelt cooking including 3 Michelin stars in January 2019 closely followed by the 50 Best World’s Best Restaurant. In a brave and bold step, all that was before will now change. 

Unprecedented times bring unprecedented opportunity. The temporary closure of Mirazur allowed chef Mauro to take a moment. The last few months’ imaginings have resulted in a new structure for Mirazur, introducing an ever-changing ‘Lunar Menu’, driven by the cycle of nature. The restaurant, too, will adapt and change on a frequent basis and whilst favourite wines will remain on the menu, interesting new varieties will appear.

Often referred to as a gardener more than a chef, Mauro and his team have spent the last few months immersed in Mirazur’s hillside garden. The small paradise grows an extensive variety of fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs and boasts the oldest avocado tree in France. By day, the garden is drenched by the sun and by night, the moon lights up the garden and plays on the calm waters of the French Riviera below. The solitude of the recent period has allowed the chef’s love and connection to the land to dramatically intensify and he has been able to pour all his time and energy into the garden.

Mauro Colagreco’s desire to express the energy and enchantment of his past few months in the garden has led to a completely new thinking towards his menu and the dining experience at Mirazur. Committed to the cyclical changes of the moon and the seasonal adjustments of time, Mirazur will now introduce the Lunar Menu. The regularly-changing menu will be divided into four separate offerings – Root, Leaf, Flower and Fruit – aligning with the cycle of the moon. 

Using produce mainly selected from the Mirazur garden at its most nutritionally dense and flavoursome, new dishes will be created daily. Additionally, Mirazur will continue to use local seafood and support its local producers and farmers where relationships have been forged and values shared over many years.

Commenting Mauro said, “I am overjoyed to reopen the doors at Mirazur and welcome guests back to the restaurant. It has been a challenging time, but with the support of our guests, staff, producers, suppliers and partners we return with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Our Lunar Menu creates an entirely new experience for guests, finally deeply connecting nature to the kitchen and ultimately the plate.”

While people have been using biodynamic produce for its exceptional taste for many years, we haven’t as yet assimilated biodynamic philosophy into when we eat. Mirazur’s new Lunar Menu takes the biodynamic principles that Mauro uses in his garden and evolves that connection to the plate. This creates an experience for the guest that seamlessly captures a perfect moment in time, enjoying exactly what nature intended and when she intended it.

The dining room will represent the ever-changing menu in colour, layout and texture. This labour-intensive approach to dining is warmly welcomed by the world-class team at Mirazur. All are committed to the authenticity, natural rhythm and connection of this new style of dining.

Mirazur is now open. For reservations, please contact +33 (0)4 92 41 86 86 or email [email protected]