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充滿傳說、神話色彩的 蘭卡威麗池卡爾頓飯店The Ritz-Carlton Langkawi

清澈的海水燦爛的陽光、熱帶雨林景觀和美麗的珊瑚礁成為旅客心之所向聖地。蘭卡威麗思卡爾頓酒店(Ritz-Carlton Langkawi)可以說是以奢華酒店體驗著稱的Ritz-Carlton最被注目的計畫。


住進18世紀英國貴族宅邸-大阪麗思卡爾頓酒店(The Ritz-Carlton,Osaka)

門口顯得極為低調,走進去The Ritz-Carlton,Osaka後卻彷彿進入了另一個世界,火光映照了壁爐、原木打造的壁面材質,紅色大理石地板,閃耀的水晶燈…,彷彿來到了18世紀的歐洲貴族人家,大阪麗思卡爾頓酒店身為該集團第一間設在日本的飯店,成功地營造出華麗不思議的古典氛圍。


ILTM Asia Pacific 2022亞洲奢華旅遊展:亞太富裕階層正在重啟奢華旅遊

ILTM (國際豪華旅遊博覽會)再次與富裕旅遊的研究專家 Altiant 合作,帶來一份新的精準報告,以了解哪些趨勢正在現實中反映出來,以及接下來的趨勢將會是什麼。他們針對來自六個國家/地區的近 500 名經過驗證的,亞太地區富裕旅行者進行了調查,這是 2022-2023 年具有參考價值的報告。


揭開日法料理的味蕾之旅-香港米其林二星Ta Vie旅 主廚 佐藤秀明Hideaki Sato

「pure、 simple、 seasonal,是我日式料理的哲學。」佐藤表示,之所以取名Ta Vie旅,Ta Vie的法文為”你的人生”之意,旅指”旅程”,意味讓客人用味蕾、來體會佐藤遊歷各方累積出來的料理精髓。


Announcement of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 年拉丁美洲五十間最佳餐廳頒獎典禮11月回歸

atin America’s most prestigious culinary awards programme returns in November, landing in a new destination for 2022: the city of Mérida in the Mexican state of Yucatán, cradle of the Mayan civilisation and its ancient culinary heritage.


Best Chef of the world獨家專訪世紀廚神-Alain Ducasse 艾倫•杜卡斯

他最近在浮華世界《VANITY FAIR》雜誌獲得法國最有影響力人物前三名、他被前法國總統薩科奇譽為法國不能失去的人、他擁有高達十九顆米其林星星環繞,他是世紀廚神Alain Ducasse(艾倫•杜卡斯)。

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We cover luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, unique travels, top chefs and professional figures. Our reports are presented in the form of texts, videos, photos and etc. They do not only emphasize the relationships between chefs and restaurants but also faithfully showcase hotels' atmosphere and service quality which enable customers and diners better grasp the experience of prestigious and luxury travels.

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International Chefs Summit Asia (ICSA) organizer from Favorable Impression Media(FIM MEDIA), renowned chefs and Foodies around the world will gather together here in Asia,not only tasting the gourmet but also discovering the strong media connection and impact of Fine Dining. Dedicated to the field of food media from all over the world will be attending the press conferences of this event. Not only the Chefs and gourmet attention, ICSA will also attract more international visitors and kick-start the development and growth of fine dining.